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PM Hub's goal is to help you improve business performance and realize your important enterprise mission. We are a management consulting firm committed to ensuring the rise of Africa. 


The quality of people determines the quality of business outcomes. People create processes and we help create the people. Our 'Human Capital Development' approach helps us focus on creating the right people for every job. 


1. HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT: To develop high impact modular training for individuals and co-create learning and development solutions for organizations.

2. BUSINESS ADVISORY: To provide meticulous business advisory and help develop strategies to improve bottom lines.

3. PROJECT & CHANGE MANAGEMENT: To provide strategic project execution and leadership support either by facilitating the creation of an organizational project management office(PMO) or outsourcing project delivery. We also help develop your team's change management competence.


1. SYNTHETIC DIAGNOSIS: Our team of consultants follow some logical framework to ensuring that discover what your pain and barrier points are. 

2. TRAINING AND COACHING: Working with your leadership, we co-create training and coaching programs for your staff.

3. PROJECT EXECUTION: Either by proving support at strategic points or by partial or total outsourcing, our experts are hands-on project managers.

4 RESEARCH: We work closely with you to help bring out fact and information that are important to your business.


Our work is guided by four (4) key principles

1. Partnership 2. Excellence 3. Entrepreneurship 4. Fast Execution
Our commitment to your growth outweighs our business plan for profit. With very experienced training and management team, we can help you develop your human capital and also provide support to the growth of your enterprise.
PM Hub delivers results through co-creation and this leverages diverse perspectives to deliver three key benefits: innovative insights into your business models, cohesive teams and momentum that leads to faster results. Our co-creative efforts go beyond the usual workshops, offsite events, or newly emerging tools (agile, design thinking and hackathons). We deliver results by developing customized solutions that fit your NEEDS