Soupah Kitchen Investment- For Company

Date: 02 Feb 2016 to 14 Oct 2016

Business Focus: Investment Analysis, Series B Funding

Over View

  • PM Hub provided investment analysis to Soupah Kitchen for its past business lifecycle and provided financial projection for the next 3 years
  • Helped the company run through its business valuation for series B funding
  • Provided a 24 hours training on communication, sales, and marketing to the entire Soupah team
  • Helped complete its series B funding within 4 months.
  • Provided a strategic plan for the next fiscal year for the team.


About the Client

Soupah Kitchen Limited is the owner of Soupah foods, Soupah grocery, Soupah restaurant and Soupah farms. Soupah kitchen sells convenience to people’s kitchen. A one-stop soup store, exclusively formed to produce and sell pre-cooked soup ingredients.

  • Pepper-extra: this is a parboiled pepper product type that has a high content of scotch bonnet with a peppery taste for those who like the hot taste
  • Pepper-smooth: it is a product type with a balanced blend of red pepper and tomatoes to give a satisfactory taste for consumption
  • Stew sauce: this is a lightly parboiled minced pepper that is specifically for making stew
  • Veggy: these are fresh well-packaged steamed leafy vegetables (Amaranth, African Spinach, Cochorus, etc.). The vegetables will not be parboiled but blanched which is a good way to ensure and keep the vegetables crisp, bright in colour and full of nutrients.
  • Okra: okra will be rinsed in simmering salted water to make it free of germs before being neatly chopped and packaged.
  • Soupah seasonings in herbal mix and fish finger