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Bringing Business Solutions to Life

Bringing Business Solutions to Life focuses on the following key themes of the implementation process from a business analyst perspective: what to implement, how to implement and the process of Implementing the solution.


  1. The Scope of Implementation
  2. The Scope of Business Analysis
  3. What is a business analyst?
  4. The System Development Life Cycle and this Workshop
  5. Where are we in the project?
  6. Information contained in the businesscase, scope and charter

The Fundamentals

Critical Success Factors, Solution success criteria, Project success criteria

Managing Requirements Change, Sources of change

Change control, Baselined requirements

Evaluating change requests, Verification

Traceability matrix, Features, and requirements

A way to measure success, Real World Application


The Implementation Phase, Key Activities

Managing the Transition,  Process change, Organization change, Systems change Impact Analysis

Performing the Impact Analysis Steps in the analysis

Change Management Activities – Addressing the Impacts

Training Documentation, Post-implementation support Communication

Summary of BA implementation activities, A readiness checklist

Implement the Solution, Assess Readiness to Accept the Solution


Technical Design

The Design Phase, Key Activities, Iteration revisited

Technical design challenges, Critical decisions

Designing Usability into the Solution, Creating a storyboard 

Generating Technical Alternatives, Build or Buy

Considerations for building, Considerations for buying

Schedule and Resource Considerations, Strategic Considerations

Evaluating Alternatives and Selecting the Solution, After the Decision

Technical Specification, Real World Application


Quality Assurance

The Test Phase

A bit of trivia

Key Activities

The Test Plan

Principles of Software Testing

The Test Case

From Use Cases to

Test Cases

Use Cases


Hints and tips for creating test cases

Steps in the process

Types of Test

User acceptance tests

Real World Application

Follow Through

The Follow Through Phase, Key Activities Project Closing

Post-Mortem – Lessons Learned

Perform Post Implementation Reviews

Monitor Solution Performance Against Targets

Support the Implementation

Enhancement Requests Real World Application

Audience: Business Analysts interested in learning about successfully launching a new system as well its accompanying process and organization change.

“What to implement” includes verifying the business case, scope and requirements, and selecting a technical design. The “how to implement the solution” covers managing requirements, remembering the critical success factors, and validating that the requirements are met. And “implementing the solution” focuses on planning and implementation activities based on the 3 components of the solution: systems, process, and organization.

From core fundamentals and technical design to quality assurance and implementation, Bringing Business Solutions to Life helps Business Analysts master all the important processes they are likely to encounter when launching new systems.

This two-day workshop begins by reviewing the Business Analyst’s role throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, and then fills in all the important details.

Every key theme along the way is taught using an experiential approach, including how Business Analysts can participate more effectively in the implementation process; how they can ensure that project requirements have been implemented completely; and what tools and techniques are available in the later phases of a project that can help ensure more successful implementations.


This two-day workshop begins by reviewing the Business Analyst’s role throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, and then fills in all the important details.

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