• May 30, 2016

We are Hiring!!!


Tolu is a young graduate of Biochemistry from the great Obafemi Awolowo University. Just like every young lady, she is so committed to developing her competence as a young professional and also wants to help herself move into the space of business entrepreneurship in the future. While she agrees that she needs to learn the art, she also wants to explore every opportunity to give herself the big shot.


In 2016, she heard about a new role as the Operations Associate of PM Hub, an organization run by a young guy in Nigeria and wanted to see how she might be a part of the business dynamics. She had heard from a friend that PM Hub just got registered in the United States as a company committed to Human Capital Development and Ventures Creation. She saw that the organization is focused on training and developing the competence of young people in tertiary institutions and also young graduates as skillful professionals for the labour market. “This is smart, I suppose. I guess I would love to be a part of this actually”, Tolu muzzled to herself.


After 4 days of sending her short cover letter and CV to the team, she got a call from Toyosi in the PM Hub Team. The 20 minutes call explained why the team needed an Operations Associate in Lagos and Toyosi had explained to her that the job role is seen as a partnership with PM Hub. “We have 6 training locations in Lagos and would need a very smart person to coordinate these training centres”, Toyosi gently explained. “I am very impressed by the great works you did while in school and am sure you are a good fit for this job, but you can trust that this isn’t just an easy ride for anyone”, Toyosi emphasized. While Tolu listened carefully to the voice from the other side of the conversation, Toyosi explained that the role is about coordinating the working team to ensure effective marketing at the locations, organizing trainings, working closely to create training expansion, working closely with NYSC in Lagos to ensure improved relationship and ultimately ensuring that the HCD Centre Ambassadors are well coordinated. Tolu also discussed her remuneration plan with Toyosi and they both decided to meet at the office the next week. Just as Toyosi was hanging up the call, Tolu imagined to herself, “recruitment doesn’t have to be always tough!”


Within 4 months of working with PM Hub, Tolu has finally focused on the works of the HCD Centre, one of the subsidiaries of PM Hub and has successfully focused on the 6 HCD Centres of the organization in Lagos. She is feeling fly and also developing her personal company. You know what? Tolu seldom comes to the office, she works as an entrepreneur.

Do you want to give this a big shot too? Send us your application via email: info@pmhub.org (Dont forget to add your Cover letter and CV).

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