• April 10, 2017

When change management focuses on business challenges.


One of the few things our company has done well is to help clients understand their problem and also create some non-conventional means of solving them. I was with a client who is one of the leading brands in the real estate business. She, the head of the HR was more concerned about creating synergy among the staff. She confesses that she had spoken with two of their human capital development consulting companies, and the first thing they recommended was training. While our team also acknowledge that knowledge gap is one major reason for reduced business performance, we always like to take a step back to say, ‘hey, we don’t have a one-size fit all model, we will create a more practical way to solve your problem.’ So, it’s important you understand the critical issues your business is facing today and what it means to have the support of a consulting company like ours. How your organization tackles its most pressing business challenges is critical to its long-term success…

Our products and solutions help you focus on these basic business challenges and create a client-customizable solution. Our solution focuses on the results and the outcome you’d want to see.

1. A fully engaged and effective workforce
The success of any business is built on the performance of its people. And to have high performing people, they need to be engaged, motivated and understood. We’ll work with you to uncover who your people are, how they like to work, and how we can create the conditions that will inspire them to higher levels of performance. Beginning with Insights Discovery, we’ll help put in place strategies that will build trust, open the lines of communication and help all of your people to reach their full potential. Because without inspired – and inspiring – people, the path to success is an uphill climb.

2. Great leaders
At Insights we know that complex organizations need transformational leaders; leaders who focus on more than just running the business of today, but can also visualize how they are going to realize the business of the future. We’ll help each leader maximize their personal impact so that they lead with passion, with vision, and with integrity. They’ll also understand their strengths, their weaknesses and how their style impacts their colleagues. If your business needs high-performing teams at the top of their game, you need transformational leaders to help them get there

3. Consistently high productivity
If your team is not consistently highly productive, we’ll partner with you to work out what the issues are; is it that the team are divided by function, geography or time zones, or are there relationship issues that need attention? By understanding the preferences and working style of each team member, we can help the team to value each other’s differences and find areas of commonality on which strong bonds can be formed.
Happy teams are high-performing teams; we’ll help you bring teams together again to boost productivity.

4. A top-class sales organization
A good salesperson knows their own strengths and weaknesses; a great salesperson knows how to recognize the style of others’ and adapts their behavior so that they can more effectively connect with them. If your business understands who is dependent on a successful sales force, you’ll know that you can’t put a price on helping them to understand their customers better. We’ll help you build a world-class sales force that understands who their customers are, how they like to do business and adapt their approach in response.

5. Motivating and retaining talent
Retaining talent can be an expensive problem for businesses. You can’t eliminate turnover, but you can reduce it. We’ll help you to embed a culture of loyalty, that create a sense of belonging amongst your best and brightest people. Talented people will want to be a part of your success if they can expect development, appreciation and to be rewarded for their loyalty; by encouraging them to stick around you’re building a solid base on which to build the business of tomorrow.

6. Responding well to change
It’s a startling fact that 30% of change projects fail. Companies now face almost constant change so it’s critical to learn how to manage that change effectively. We’ll help you understand your inherent capabilities, and where there are gaps in your organization that is affecting your ability to be agile in the face of change. There’s no question that you will face great change, so we’ll help teams across your organization be ready to take action – today!

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